December 26, 2016

Please enjoy these wonderful, imaginative stories from two of our local, middle school authors. The students have diligently shared their written and visual art with us all year and we are so excited to share this story with you. Keep an eye out for more great Leaders After Hours content in January 2017!

An Ice Cube by Jaelyn S., Corning-Painted Post Middle School

Ahhh…………this feels good. Cold, frosty, chilly, cool, perfect freezer temperature. If you’re the ice cube on the top of the pile like me, you could be taken which is every ice cube’s biggest fear after the freezer breaking. Now if I was the ice cube at the bottom of the pile it would be wonderful. Now I’m just going to…….snore. AHHH! SOMETHING GRABBED ME! AHHH! I popped my eyes open finding the freezer door open with a warm hand clutched around me. Then super hot air hit me. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I could hear the other ice cubes crying. This is it; my life is done.

I heard the mother machine, (which is oddly plastic and not an ice cube) grumble. But then more ice cubes popped out from it. Sigh. I guess the mother machine wasn’t saying goodbye to me. Then I felt my outer layer melt and I slipped out of the warm hand. I crashed to the floor with a thud. CRASH! Pieces of ice where all over. I had a sharp pain where my edge hit the floor. Then the foot moved closer to me causing me to bounce up in the air an inch and fall again breaking me more with more pain. Then the hand grabbed me again and started running making me nauseous.

A door opened. I was blinded by the light. The heat caused me to melt faster in the warm hand. I was dropped in a eye stinging, lemon smell, yellow, sweet, substance. When I finally came to my senses I saw other ice cubes in substance. Bob, Billy, Jen, Mark, Chloe, Macy, Mom! “MOM! MOM! MOM IT’S ME, AMELIA!” I yelled “Amelia! Oh Amelia!” said Amelia’s mom, but our time together was short because I was poured into a cup with the substance. Later the cup was knocked over by the dog, named Marley. I crashed on the deck and I got smaller.

The sun was melting me, layer after layer, until I was water. Oh how it felt to be water. I felt FREE. …Wait… Why am I getting smaller? WHAT’S HAPPENING? “What happened?” I asked. “You turned into gas!” said an air particle “No way! Cool! I FEEL EVEN MORE FREE THAN I WAS!” A note from the author: This is dedicated to my science teachers, Mr.Williams and Mr.Tahirak.

The Angels on the Shelf by Madeline G., Corning-Painted Post Middle School

Goodbye, Eliza! We’re ready when you come home from school! The angels on the shelf said as Eliza left for school. You couldn’t hear the angels; they could only hear each other. But how they longed for Eliza to hear their voices and hear their beautiful singing. As Eliza turned off her lights and shut the door, the angels screamed, We’re still here, you know! The angels could only see each other and the other objects on the shelf: dolls, statues, and other various things. Seven hours later, Eliza came home from school, she went into her room, turned on the lights. The angels saw her weary face and her backpack was bigger than usual. They heard Eliza say “I need to get going on this project, I only have five more days to finish it!” The angels watched her pull all her supplies out of the bag, and she got to work. Hours later she was done for the day. The angels cheered Hooray! Good job, Eliza! But they could not be heard. Eliza went to bed. The angels on the shelf said softly, Good night Eliza. We’ll watch over you while you sleep and be here when you wake tomorrow morning. Good night.

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