Summer reading and writing programs and Why they should be a thing….

So we’re hosting the Summer Sass Writing Contest, and in a mere few weeks we  will be launching our End of Summer Online Writing program where readers, writers, and sharers will be able to connect, write, read and win.  Students and adults participate by submitting writing, giving feedback, and finding inspiration and motivation within their own lives to communicate through writing, reading, speaking, and sharing.

Why is this a thing?

I’ve heard a number of comments about students and what they do or don’t do over the summer.  “They’re not interested in doing SCHOOL stuff over the summer! They won’t want to participate in this thing! Who would want to write for fun?”

Good thing this A) IS fun and B) isn’t “school stuff”.

This is life stuff! This is the stuff that motivates, excites, and encourages learning to happen from the very moment someone wakes up in the morning.  This is teaching an entire series of important lessons, everything from friendly competition to grammar skills, to when to quit and start over!

When I was a kid, my mom and my grandparents and my aunts and cousins used to take turns taking me to the library multiple days a week during the summer.  From a young age, I could find books on my own and would spend hours laying on the floor of my local public library.  When it was time to go home, I would grab my books, run up to the check out area, and “purchase” my books, being sure to carefully insert the receipt of my rentals into the front cover of the  top book in my stack before gently placing them in my “book bag”, which was a tote that I was given to haul around my wares.

Once I got them home, I would open my newly purchased notebook (I got a new notebook every summer) and start writing about what I had read.  Sometimes they were fan-fiction style stories, other times they were the perspective of a character, other times they were full fledged research papers stocked with the various facts and information I’d found while reading.

I was a busy body of a kid, who desperately needed something to keep my brain going.  I needed something to do, and this reading, writing, venture to the library, talk to everyone I could about it thing was exactly what I needed.

I know what you’re  thinking.  “This girl is a freak.” …You may be right.

But aren’t we all?

Don’t we all “geek out” over something?

Don’t we all need to fall in love with an idea, or a subject, or something we do and then communicate and share that with other people?

I suspect there is, and the beauty of summer programs like ours is: you can geek out over your thing with other people who geek out over their thing and then you can all share things to geek out about together! Another huge benefit: it’s open to a wide variety of ages! There’s not an excuse not to do it!

Stay tuned and follow our blog here to get involved.  Anywhere in the world with internet access has the ability to participate, and our online program is available to ages 10 and older.  I look forward to “geeking” out with all of you!

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