Utilizing your best technological, communication resource: people.

Emails, social media, memos, text messages…even post it notes are great tools and resources for communicating with the people you serve and your employees.

But we have to face reality: our tools are only as good as the people who use them.

As professionals, it can be frustrating to communicate with others who may not share our love of a particular tool or resource.  If you’re someone who loves the sight of their own handwriting, or enjoys the scratch of pen on paper, email may make you uncomfortable.  If you’re someone who struggles to spell, or who’s hands shake when they write, post its may not feel like the greatest resource you have.

Ultimately, in today’s world, it is important to keep in mind that with an abundance of resources come an abundance of new issues and responsibilities. The best communicators I know are individuals who can “bridge the gap” when communicating with others, whatever that gap may be.

A great example of this is Facebook users.  A recent study shows that the fastest growing group on Facebook is ages 55 and older.  Why? Because their children and grandchildren are on Facebook! Facebook and social media are how younger generations connect, and in order to bridge the gap in their communication, ages fifty-five and older are reaching out online.

So what can we do to communicate? What resources do we have to connect our communication? How do we utilize our best resource?

Recognize that the best resource for communicating with people, is people.

In order to best utilize our resources, we have to remember that our first and most important resource is the people we work with. Without people, the tools don’t work at all. Without people, no technological resource in the world would make a difference.

Professional communication is difficult, there’s no denying it. But keeping in mind that by communicating first and foremost with the people involved, in whatever method is the most effective and efficient, is a very good place to start.

-Megan Cole, Educational Coordinator

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