Writing Activity: Professional Tweets of Fictional Characters. Clara, Intern.

How do we communicate professionally on social media? This was the challenge presented to our summer interns, Clara and Alex.  The following post is Clara’s imagination of what would have happened if the events of the Three Little Pigs had been Tweeted by the involved parties. 

Between remembering to hashtag for the sake of searching, and trying to stay within the 140 character minimums, Twitter can be challenging for the most experienced professional communicators.  In today’s world, so much of our news is delivered via tweet, so understanding the way to communicate in that manner is more important than ever before! 

I challenge you not to laugh as you check out these Twitter handles and hashtags.  Great job Clara! -Megan, Educational Coordinator.

“Construction time! I’m going to have the best straw house ever!  Take that @swinenot and @baconator! #extrememakeoverhomeedition #dreamhouse” @_snoop_pigg_

@_snoop_pigg_ Your straw house will collapse at the sight of my #stickhouse.  Only used trees that already fell! #HGTVDreamHome #earthtweet” @swinenot

@swinenot @_snoop_pigg_  #hurricane15 is upon us, and you’re building houses out of sticks and straw?! My #brickhouse will survive anything!” @baconator

“Just passing by @_snoop_pigg_‘s house.  Maybe I’ll stop by and…have a snack! #ManiacalLaughter #huffandpuff #blowingthehousedown” @Werewolf_London

“OMG MY HOUSE HAS BEEN DESTROYED! @Werewolf_London is coming to eat me! #bacon #isthistheend #blowthehousedown” @_snoop_pigg_

“Just took @_snoop_pigg_ into my #stickhouse!  Hope he’ll appreciate #greenliving! Get lost, @Werewolf_London! #SaveSnoopPigg #luckytohavehim” @swinenot
@swinenot If you wanted me to get lost, you wouldn’t have told me where to find you! #bacongoeswitheverything #huffandpuff #blowthehousedown” @Werewolf_London

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