Final Thoughts…by Alex, 2015 Intern.

This post was initially created on June 26, 2016 at the completion of the Summer Shadow Internship experience.

As this internship comes to an end, I am looking back reflecting on this experience. I feel as though I have gained a lot of new skills from this program and have a better appreciation for what The Leader does and papers in general. My voice has grown exponentially in my writing and also in the way I interact with others.

I think that the experience with more writing workshops (college essay especially), resume writing, and the trip to Canandaigua were extremely beneficial. Also, I think that just being in the office setting and getting to interact with the people of the various departments and learning what they do every day was a huge eye opener and was also very enjoyable.

One thing I think would be a good thing to add for future internships would  be more interacting or collaboration with some of the staff or maybe being able to see a sales experience with a customer.  Another beneficial activity, especially for being a high school senior, would be scholarship workshops and finding and then applying to scholarships while being surrounded by writing professionals.

Overall I feel as though this has been a great experience and a good end to my and THE first year of Leaders After Hours. This group has greatly impacted my life and has given me opportunities to better my writing and my future. I hope that Leaders After Hours will continue for years to come so that others can gain the same knowledge and grow as writers like I have.

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