I could blog this by Clara D., Internship Experience

I could write a blog about many things.  I think that blogging about my life would be really cool because it would document how I change and grow as a person.  It would also preserve all of my memories in a really neat way.  Many people like to follow bloggers that create a sense of relatability, and I think I can relate to teens because I am a teen.

I could talk about how to deal with life’s curve balls such as moving to a new place, trying to choose a path in life, and dealing with a favorite character dying. It would probably include a lot of humor and fan-girling as well because I think that laughter is such an important part of life, and who doesn’t enjoy Harry Potter memes?

In the end, I think my blog would serve the teen community because everything that I would focus on would be about being yourself and how to be happy as yourself.  I know that I have struggled with that ever since I started preschool, and it’s really only been this year where I have had the courage to be different from everyone else.  It’s extremely difficult to do this as a teenager because all we want is to fit in and to be liked, but I’ve come to realize that a person can’t ever really be liked unless he or she is being his/herself.

My blog contributors would be family members and friends that can talk about how I’ve changed in their eyes or impacted their life.

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