Blogging On by Alex L., Internship Experience

By using a blog as a form of communication to the media, especially with the prominence of the internet in society, you can have a lot of freedom when choosing topics to write on.

One topic I could write a blog about would be the amount of stress schools put on students at such an early age and the effects the students experience. Being a current student, high school senior, I understand completely the pressure students around the globe face on the day to day basis, especially when it comes to college and the decision making process that it requires. Not only could I write about my own experiences with school stress, with all of my college level classes and extracurricular activities, but I could also touch on the experiences I have heard from others and the information from various websites.

It is proven that students in the 21st century have the same amount, if not more, anxiety and depression as the clinically insane hundreds of years ago. I would talk about the unrealistic standards the schools worldwide have for students and what those standards to the student’s performance. Also, I would discuss the physical strains on students, having backpacks at ridiculous weights and having to wake up extremely early and go to sleep unusually late.

Another topic I could discuss would the discipline policies that schools have and the negative effects on the student’s education. Being a topic the applies to my peers the I am constantly surrounded with, it would be easy to find contributors to my blog. If all goes well with this theoretical blog post, the local school district could possibly see it and decide to make changes to their current policies!

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