June 24, 2015 Canandaigua Experience-Internship-Alex

Today was the field trip day of our internship to the printing site and sister company of The Leader in Canandaigua, New York. After a long drive with fellow intern, Clara, we finally arrived and were greeted by the sales manager. We then were given an in depth tour of their facility and we were able to meet crucial people for the operation of the company.

It was interesting to see how large Gatehouse Media is and to meet people aiding the production of The Leader. Another awesome thing to see was how this office was one of the few to have an AdCenter and how they connect to other parts of the nation. Then, after a lunch break at Wegmans, we returned to get a tour of the in house printing process.

We were quickly met with an guide who was thrilled to demonstrate for us his field of work and he walked us through each step of the printing process. I never knew that they first had to complete a chemical process in order to make a metal plate form to print the actual paper. Also, it was absolutely incredible to see just how complicated and how fast the printing process is and all of the intricate parts to it. It is really nice to know how all of the hard work that is put into gathering the news is formed and how precise they are in printing.

You could feel the sense of accomplishment in the building for being able to not only run and maintain so many newspapers, but to then hold onto their final work. This trip definitely opened my eyes to just how huge and important print media actually is! -Alex