“Getting Inked in Canandaigua” by Clara D., Internship 2015

Travelling to the not-so-small town of Canandaigua was very interesting.  After driving for an hour and a half from The Leader in Corning, Alex and I are ready to see the Messenger Post.  We toured around the building with the sales manager, and we saw the circulation, news, graphics, and sales departments.  The AdChoice department was very cool because there are only a few of these teams around the country.  After that, it was lunchtime!  On our drive, there was plenty of interesting architecture and shops in the downtown area.  We went to the mega Wegman’s Café for a good-old buffet.  I had Indian butter chicken, broccoli, and an eggroll, and I ended up paying for a glass of water on accident.

Once we had finished, it was time to get back to the publication office.  Mailing services and preprint coordinator Michael Dohrn gave us a tour of the workshop where the press and the insert machine are.  It was really cool to see how the press works and how quickly it can print newspapers.  There were buckets of ink and giant rolls of paper sitting around the area, and it seemed like it all went to waste when the first papers were covered in ink and recycled.  The insert machine was really interesting because the papers were rapidly filled with specific inserts and the machine could tell if a paper had already been filled.  After that, it went to the addressing machine and was off to be mailed.  I swear they used the entire roll of plastic wrap to cover the shipment!

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