June 18th-Internship Blog-Clara D.

My dream job is to work as a pharmacist in London, England.  I think that the interactions between the human body and medicine is very fascinating, and I’ve always wanted to live in the U.K.  I’m not one for the smell of blood or other bodily fluids, so pharmacy would be a great way to serve in the medical industry without being queasy all the time.  I’ve already interned at a pharmacy, and it seems like a really great job!  It was really cool to see just how much pharmacists help out the community.  London would allow me to immerse myself in a wide variety of cultures and open up opportunities that I wouldn’t have in Corning.  I think I would also like to write fictional works in my spare time.  I really enjoy coming up with new stories, and it would be really cool to see them in a bookstore.
My internship with The Leader has opened up my communication skills.  Although I find it easy to talk to people, I’m the person who will use the self-checkout at Walmart to avoid social interaction. One giant part of being a pharmacist is being a good communicator with both the patient and doctor to ensure that the proper medication is being used, and that it’s being used correctly; that’s a lot of interaction!  The Leader is teaching me how to better communicate in a professional manner and improve my people skills.  This internship has also allowed me to develop better writing skills that I will need to become a published novelist.

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