Internship Impressions., by Alex L.

Upon arrival at The Leader office I was met by my fellow intern, Clara, and was excited to begin. I was up all night wondering what I would be doing, who I would meet, and what I would get out this internship. The rain was pouring down, after a flash flood, and I was unsure whether or not that would be a sign for the day to come. However, our advisor, Megan Cole, came to bring us to our desks and I was excited to begin. I never thought that I would be working in my own cubicle but here I was! It is extremely comforting to be working around familiar people and I cannot wait to work with all of the employees of The Leader. We were brought back to one of the meeting rooms to a table set with Dunkin’ Donuts and from that point I knew that today would be a good day. From revenue to Wiz Khalifa, the sales team discussed their goals for the upcoming month as I listened closely, still not understanding any of the topics they said. However, their bright attitudes and interesting stories kept the meeting exciting and not dragging on a rainy monday morning. After a tour of the building with Megan and meeting new people, I am ready to begin these interesting two weeks and see what this internship will bring. I cannot wait to learn a variety of different skills and see different job categories that, (hopefully!) will assist me in my future decisions after high school. I have a good feeling about this internship and am expecting nothing but a good learning experience.

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