How to maintain professionalism, even if you’d rather have a tantrum.

This was an older post from our original Leaders After Hours blog on Tumblr. I had begun this blog series this fall but had to “backburner” it until now.

How to maintain professionalism, even if you’d rather have a tantrum.

Professionalism is hard.  Sometimes it is harder than other times.  That being said, whether you work in a shop, a hospital, a school, an office, (or both in my case!) there are a number of good things to keep in mind as you venture into communication and keeping yourself even keeled.

In any professional setting in today’s modern world, you will be faced with sending emails, writing memos, speaking directly to others, etc.  In today’s professional world, it is easy to find yourself flummoxed with other people’s responses.  “How could they have misinterpreted that?” and “That’s not what I meant!” are common in these interactions, especially for the newer members of the professional community, or folks that haven’t worked extensively with email communications before.

Please note: This next section has been edited from the original Tumblr post completed by me last fall to reflect our current projects/program updates.

For the next 6-8 weeks, I will be focusing on the various pieces of best practices for how to handle the digital and reality of professional interactions. Leaders After Hours will also be sponsoring and hosting writing contests over the summer that this blog will share.  Along with this, we also have INTERNS! Clara and Alex will be starting with us on Monday and we are all so excited to get started with what should be a great professional experience with them both.

Want to get involved in our programs and learn more? Follow Us! Also, please  share our blog with friends, coworkers, (even your boss!), family and even college and high school students.

This series, and our program and intern updates,  will focus pretty extensively on how to maneuver through the professional mud, which is helpful whether you’re working your first job or your thirtieth.  We look forward to working with you!

-Megan Cole, Educational Coordinator, The Leader/Leaders After Hours

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