Code Red by Serena V., Horseheads High School, Fiction.

This wasn’t my choice. The only reason we’re here is because Camille said so. Did she know what Lionel was capable of? Did she understand the weight of our suicidal alliance? If only she would listen for once. But reason was far behind as we marched to the locked gates and towering walls of the Sector Coterie. We stopped abruptly, and darted behind a sand dune to gather our large group.
“Do we all remember the plan?” whispered Lionel. He stared at the circle.
“Okay, I totally do, but just in case anyone else doesn’t, you should tell us again,” replied Lennex.
Lionel explained, “Virgos, Sagittarius and Scorpios. You’re our defense. Secure the main entrances and don’t let anyone past. The rest of us-”
“Whoa no way am I staying at the gates,” I interrupted. “I’m coming with you! This is just as much about me as you.”
“Keaton!” hissed Camille. “Keep your voice down.” Her gaze adjusted to the guards.
“Thanks, Camille,” said Lionel. Camille looked at him only for a moment before her eyes fixed on the ground. Her face reddened and I looked away.
“He is the only one who understands the code,” voiced Rider.
“I guess a Sagittarius is coming with the rest of us, who are on the offense.”
We double checked our weapons and made sure we all knew to meet back at the North West tower. After that, we started. Getting in was easy. Getting into the top-of-the-line high security programing room was more difficult. Once we left the Virgos and Scorpios, our guns came out. The Aries were at the front of our phalanx happily maiming anything that moved. I was more reluctant.
Little by little, our crowd became smaller. A few Gemini and Capricorns split down the winding halls. Soon it was Rider, Camille, Lionel and I.
“This is it.” Rider breathed as we arrived to the teleporter that would take Lionel and I to the programming room.
“Are you ready?” Lionel asked me. My mouth went dry. Before I could answer, Camille stepped inside the teleporter with Rider.
“See you up there”
“You’re coming?” I asked.
“Why wouldn’t we Keaton?” Rider managed to say before they were gone.
Lionel and I arrived at the final floor, alone. I ducked around a corner to see where Rider and Camille were hiding. When they weren’t, I looked at Lionel with surprise. That’s when we knew what happened. Because just then, the deafening cry of an alarm sounded. Lionel and I bolted down the maze of hallways, looking for the programming room.
“Here!” I yelled. I opened the door and we both shot into the office. I slammed the door shut and faced Lionel. But Lionel wasn’t alone.
“Keaton!” Camille screamed through the hand that was silencing her. Rider, struggling in the corner, attempted to loosen the guards grip on him. Lionel looked at me displaying the handgun I gave him.
“The Code?”

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