#Charlie by Sarah K., Horseheads High School

He sits on my window sill. I started growing him when my boyfriend and I broke up. Of course, it wasn’t easy. I had to go find a nice pot, then had to get the soil. I’m not one to get dirty, so when I felt the dirt in the crevices of my fingers and the smell stung my nose, I decided maybe this wasn’t for me. I can barely take care of myself, how am I supposed to take care of him? After a couple hours of lying in bed and thinking about everything, I went ahead and tried again. I padded the soil into the decorative pot. It was made from clay and was glazed in this emerald green color. I couldn’t imagine the work the artist had gone through to make it.
The soil was almost filled to the top. I grabbed the seed and it was smaller than the eraser of a pencil. It wasn’t as smooth as I had expected. It had little bumps all over it. I kind of admired it. This little seed would turn into some beautiful flower, that is, if I was able to keep it alive.
I placed the seed into the pot and set it on the window sill. Luckily, I have a window that gets direct sunlight, so the plant could grow a little bit faster.
A couple days later, after sulking in my apartment because of my breakup, I went and checked on my plant. My heart jumped when I saw the little green stem growing. Petals had started blooming. It’s not much, and it’ll take a couple more days to grow but I know exactly what I was going to do in this moment. It may be weird to most people to name a plant, but I knew in my heart that this plant is like a companion. Companions need names. Charlie. Charlie the plant.

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