#Charlie by Megan C., Corning-Painted Post Middle School

This is the story of Charlie the Fairy. Most of the fairies in the kingdom of Magestica are girls. There are male fairies, but most of the time, they can’t do magic. The first day Charlie figured out he could do magic was in the boys’ mischief-making class. He was having an argument in the group he was doing a project with. They were trying to figure out how to trick men into believing fairies aren’t real, and Charlie and Maximus were arguing about what to do. Charlie wanted to do one thing, and the others in the group wanted to do another. At the height of their argument, Charlie lost it. His hand sparkled, and covered the entire classroom in glitter! The teacher sent Charlie to the principal’s office, and Charlie was sent home to be home schooled in magic, by a female fairy. Charlie was doing well, until some kids in his old class told the neighborhood fairies about his power, and everyone picked on him a lot! Charlie was devastated. Everywhere he went, kids from the neighborhood teased him. They would say, “Hey magic boy! How are your lame spells going?!” Although they were weird insults, they still hurt Charlie’s feelings. People teased him all the time! At one point Charlie talked to his mom, and she said, “Don’t worry, everything will be okay!” Something changed in Charlie that night. He realized he didn’t care what anyone said. “I am one of a kind and that’s all that matters!” After that, Charlie just ignored their mean comments.

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