#Charlie by Rhyleigh A., Corning Painted Post Middle School

I never knew that my life would turn upside down. I went from a nobody to a famous Youtuber. This is my story…. my name is Charlie. I live In New York towards Time Square. I go to Winchester High School. I don’t really have friends. Well maybe my best friend Sarah. Our parents attended school together so we grew up knowing each other. We went on sleepovers and playdates like almost every week in summer. We’ve known each other since kindergarten. She and I are very close and I intend to keep it that way. School is a disaster for me. I’m failing science and I get bullied pretty much every day of my life. I guess people don’t really like me because I’m different but who cares what people think. I don’t really have it easy at home either. My mother passed away when I was eight and my father is always on business. I was really sad the day she passed away. She and I did almost everything together, but then she got cancer and she didn’t make it. My father’s name is William but I call him Dad. He works as children’s book publisher. He never spends time with me so I usually stay home watching YouTube videos. I never knew that YouTube videos could bring so much laughter and joy. Then I started my own channel. Sarah would direct and I would start making funny sketches. At first I only had like ten views. Then as I started to progress I started getting hundreds and thousands of views. And I started to read the comments. They said: “We love you Charlie!” and “Show us more.” And “You have talent!” I kept continuing with the videos and I stopped being bullied, and I was finally happy with my life so I started focusing on science. Then my high school experience was starting to get a lot better. The bullies who bullied me throughout the years apologized. They said, “Charlie listen, I’m sorry for being, you know, not nice to you. I guess I was jealous that you had a best friend who treated you well. You were also so nice to me even though I was so rude. Could you ever forgive me?” Of course I said yes because I was sick of all the drama. Then this guy named Augustus asked me out to a movie. I had a crush on him forever. He is very nice and I couldn’t wait to go. At the movie we watched The Fault in Our Stars. It was really sad and at the end I totally cried my eyes out. But that was ok. As soon as I started crying, Augustus immediately came and comforted me. He’s a very sweet guy. Since me and Augustus are very close now, he and I started our own channel. It is very funny according to the comments.

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