#Charlie by Alex B., Corning-Painted Post Middle School

“Good Morning Aunt Sally. How did you sleep?” I live with my Aunt Sally because when I was young, my parents died. “Good Morning Charlie. I slept well thank you, what about you?” “I slept great, thank you. So, today I am going to stay after school until 5:00 so I can hang out with my friends. Is that okay with you? ” I asked. “Sure, just remember to be home by 6:00 because we still have to do that laundry” she said. “Okay. I have to go before I miss the bus. Have fun at work.”
When I go to school I usually don’t actually pay attention in school. I honestly pay more attention to the people around me. I have this collection of composition notebooks I keep in a safe in my closet and I write in them every day. I look at the people around me and I try to make up a story of what there life is like. Almost in what’s behind scenes. For example there’s this guy named Carter. I have been watching him for a while… not like the stalker way though. I just try to figure out what his story is. I find him quite interesting. I know his mom died when he was younger and his dad left him on his grandparents door step when he was like, 11 months old and he still doesn’t know his dad. He lives with his grandparents now and I appreciate his geeky but shy style. There is this girl too. She’s really outgoing, determined, courageous, beautiful, and brave. Her name is Jamie.
I love writing about other people. They keep me intrigued and everybody is different.
“Charlie? What are these?”
Oh no. She found them.

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