The #Charlie Project

What if you only had 500 words or less to tell a scene from your life? What would make it interesting? This was the challenge presented to students at the Corning-Painted Post Middle School and High School and the Horseheads High School. Students were given the name of a character (not necessarily the main character) for their stories and challenged to build a scene or story that included “Charlie”. Students were then instructed that the character did not need to be human, but could be any person, place or thing in the story. Students were also instructed that they should construct hashtags and keywords that would allow for their stories to be posted on social media, making their connection with their desired audience stronger, have their posts indexed by Google, and help interested parties find and read their works. Interested in learning more? Email us at or contact us by phone at 607-936-4651 ext. 339 to learn more about The #Charlie Project and how you can get involved!

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