#Charlie By Abby T., Corning-Painted Post Middle School

Charlie. He’s the boy who you see around school who makes your heart skip a beat. Every girl wants to be with him and every guy wants to be him. We had known each other since kindergarten and he was my best friend, we always talked about everything together. Everybody thought he was just the cool guy who had a perfectly amazing life, nobody else knew that three years ago he had braces and glasses, and was the president of the chess club. At that moment I was waiting for him to get out of soccer practice. All I could think about was the dance coming up soon, I was pretty sure that he already had a date, when I was watching the gymnastics team walk out from practice. At that moment, I was 88% sure that the smile on McKenna’s face gave it all away. I had known her since third grade and I HATED HER. She had perfect blonde hair and blue eyes, and most people like her, but in my opinion she is the queen of catfights and drama. Then something interesting happened. McKenna walked over and said, “Stay away from Charlie I am asking him to the dance.” All of a sudden I felt my cheeks turn a bright shade of red. Just then Charlie came out of practice and looked for me. He saw me with McKenna and he knew she was bothering me. He just walked up and said “Hey McKenna.” And grabbed my arm and pulled me away. “Are you seriously taking her to the dance?” I tried not to pout. He looked around and he simply responded, “Follow me.” Just as he said that everybody started tiredly filtering out of a long student council meeting. He walked me down a dark hall, and next thing I knew we were alone in a janitor’s closet. “The whole McKenna thing is complicated. The last thing I want to do is take her to the dance.” I looked into his milky brown eyes; I was way past confused. “What’s going on?” I asked “She’s blackmailing me.” I was shocked. “She is making me go to the dance with her, because she knows something bad about me…Ok, so this is kind of awkward, but I am the mascot at football games.” I was blushing now; I wasn’t sure what to say and I was trying not to laugh. “How did she find out?” I asked. ”It’s complicated” he replied.

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