Letters to the Editor-Clara D., Corning-Painted Post School District

To Whom It May Concern,

Recently, I saw an article on The Leader’s website about the English Common Core exam at the middle school. According to this, a “‘refuse the tests’ movements” made by the parents who are against the Common Core standards have caused 447 opt-outs out of approximately 1100 students at the middle school. This violates the federal regulation that states 95% of students have to take the tests, which could result in a decrease in school funding.

As a person who has only been recently subjected to standardized testing because of relocation, I firmly believe that these exams in middle school will better prepare students for standardized tests. By encouraging the opting-out of these exams early, I think that some students will believe they can opt out of everything they don’t want to do. Even though these tests may cause some premature stress over schoolwork and testing, I think that being inexperienced with standardized tests will bring greater stress in the future.

Whether families like it or not, students of the Corning-Painted Post School District will be subjected to standardized testing. As of April 2015, New York State high school students must pass at least five Regents exams in order to graduate, and a certain SAT or ACT score must be achieved in order to get accepted into colleges. Exams are given out from diploma programs to doctorate programs, so if any student wished to continue his or her education beyond high school, standardized tests will be imposed.

I believe that middle school students won’t be as stressed in high school if they take Common Core exams in middle school because they will be used to the expectations and environment of standardized tests.

Clara D., Corning-Painted Post High School.

Interested in reading the article mentioned above? Check out the-leader.com: “CPP, Bath Get Flurry of ‘Opt-Outs’ for State Tests” from April 14, 2015.

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