“Ten Seconds” by Ian S., Horseheads High School

Preface: The Cosmic Calendar is the entire history of the cosmos of 13.8 billion years, condensed down to a single year. On the last month, of the last day of the cosmic calendar, at the very last ten seconds, is the entirety of human history.

A single point, where everything is nothing is nothing is nothing is nothing is nothing

Where nothing is time, and time the timeless.

Where something is nothing is everything, a singularity,

As before the very first second . . .


Energy bursts and burns
As from God’s particle the Atom is made
But only by Eve does the apple fall
With a new ton of gravity.
Almighty spiraling galaxies
For as the heat rises
He is risen! Our noble savior . . . Helium
Of the holy trinity

Gas the father, liquid the son and solid the spirit
As all said:
Let there be stars
Let there be planets
Let there be Earth.
Let there be life

From bacterial culture to civilization we spread
Our inner animals hidden in our palm print paintings
Stone by stone we make fire
Our stars we follow with desire
Heat against evil that make me shiver
Indus valley of the river
Serpents and birds of prey cunei-forming our language
The Egyptian sphinx shaping beast with man
Until the monster from within us
We climb back into, a wooden stead,
Only to sneak out in the night.
Gautama Buddha is born
An eight fold path with only one road
Of silk to Han, Ming, Shang, Qing
Only Alexander to be the one greatest King
Confused of Confucius was the golden rule a royal ring
The mandate of heaven promising a new son
Jesus Christ is born
And born again is Muhammad
Five pillars of wisdom rising
As the Roman Empire falls
Molding and melting into Gupta
Chinese gunpowder with Song to kill
A new Dark Age emerges
Though this one enlightened with many stars
We turn the other cheek but our eyes the other way
As the light of the Crusade burns with power
Petrarch’s key to romance
Mansa Musa of a Midas touch
To the Golden Horde of Khan
All a graveyard to a family
Buried in a Great Wall
Marco Polo
An echo, to the explorers
Conquest of the Russian, Ottoman, Mongol
Row men not of Byzantine but Zheng
Where He told Noah how to build the ark
Gardens sailing across the earth
A time a-medieval
The darkness spreading
A black death to kill thousands
In Africa, shackled and exported
Of the holy trinity trade
Destined by God, Gold, and Glory
Greed, Gluttony, and Lust,
Pride and sloth, wrath and envy
All the seven deathly years
Of French and British sin, deadly
Comes the revolution
Of the American constitution
With this solution of evolution
Après moi le delusion
Of a French restitution
Where the slaves rise from the shackles of Hate
Elocution by the incendiary questioners of truth
Water power, steam power, oil power
People pourer, blackened powder, rusting pewter
Socialism, capitalism, communism
Where the only ism to follow be the schism
And as all is reunited by an age to fade the stars
The sun may never set on the Earthen Empire
Silently, mistakenly the motor rattles
Until the gun, the death rattle
Archduke Franz Ferdinand has been shot
World War One by the death of
Thirty seven million makes less than the two . . . seconds
When God may say let there be light
With Tesla to create it
The Reich of Germany falling
Hitler rising to power
Eighty million lives dead
Eleven million forgotten to ash
And by the Sun God Apollo of old
To the moon we have stepped
As we all shout
We will Voyage to the stars
We will push the declaration
We will tear down ‏this wall!
Every second a life is born and ended
With a hundred billion humans past
With this modern world of seven billion counting
The seconds of human history, to see that it accounts
For ten, what do our lives mean?
My life
We invent the internet, modern medicine
We expect math and science with an invigorated passion
We recognize everyone’s equality, freedom prevailing
We feed the world’s hungry and heal the world’s sick
We end our timeless wars
We explore the vast universe, inner and outer
We rise above ourselves and see that
We are but eight billion seconds, on a billionth of a second,
Upon billions and billions of years
Reaching to the future,
Reflecting to the past
We must walk in the present
We must make this second count!
This second
Conclusion: Now, I would like everyone to close their eyes, and silently with me count ten seconds. (1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . 4 . . . 5 . . . 6 . . . 7 . . . 8 . . . 9 . . . 10)

And there you have it, human history.

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