Watergirl by Carolyn and Kathryn from the Super Heroes’ Super Stories series

Once upon a time a girl was born who could control water. When she was 15, she decided to keep her power a secret because she didn’t want to feel different. One day at school, she noticed she could control water from the water fountain when she was getting a drink. When she was moving her hand up the water magically squirted her shirt. Everyone laughed at her so she made a joke. Then some people started to like her so she decided to be herself, “Watergirl” and from that day on she used her power to help other people who were interested in who she was and who were shy like she used to be. She can transform herself into a person made of water. She used her power to stop bad guys. Her real name is Grace, and she made her own suit using her powers. The suit is made of water. She can use her powers to make water come out of her hands and control water on the outside. For example, she can control water from a lake, pond, sea, ocean, beach and water pipes. Her arch enemy is Firegirl. She fights Firegirl when Firegirl tries to start trouble by setting things on fire. Watergirl uses her powers to fight back.

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