The Tenderizer by Evan and Kyle from the Super Heroes’ Super Stories Series

Justin Dustin was born to Donald and Lois Dustin on May 16, 1940 in his parents’ cabin just outside Reno, Nevada. Justin lost his father when he was 4 when Donald went MIA in WWII in the allied raid in Okinawa. Justin, along with his younger brother Dillon and mother Lois were left to fend for themselves in the arid desert of Nevada. Lois passed away just 10 years later of combined bronchitis and severe knee cancer. At the youthful age of 14, Justin went to work at the local nuclear power plant to provide for himself and his younger brother. Justin established himself a very successful career as a nuclear power technician and was responsible for managing the water used to cool the reactors. On his last day of work, October 4, 2003, there was a valve failure at the plan and Justin and his boss Bob Swinzer were dowsed in 30,000 gallons of radioactive water. Justin was given CPR by the local butcher who used his meat tenderizer to restart Justin’s heart. Thus was born The Tenderizer! With his new found powers of super-strength and his unique ability to wield the local butcher’s tenderizer, Justin defended Reno from the seasonal gang leaders every summer. He also foiled his former boss’s diabolical plot to infest Reno with non-hypoallergenic felines: allergies are the Tenderizer’s only weakness!)

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