Swine Man by Liam and William from the Super Heroes’ Super Stories Series

Nathan Bacon was born on a small family farm. One dark winter night, he became gravely ill. Doctors later learned he acquired a deadline swine flu. Nathan’s family feared for his life. Miraculously, Nathan recovered. In fact, not only did he recover he developed super human power: to eat swine. Nathan Bacon turned into “Swine Man” and consumed inhuman amounts of hot dogs. He won a Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest four times in a row (and counting!). The reason Nathan could eat incredible numbers of hot dogs is because when he was battling the swine flu he ate a radioactive slice of ham from his family’s pig farm. That radioactive slice of ham gave him the ability to swallow down anything comprised of swine at the speed of light! Even when relaxing at home, Swine Man can swallow six hot dogs and be in bed before eight.
Today, all around the world, Swine Man is a celebrated hero who donates his own blood to others as a vaccination against the Swine Flu! He conceals his real name, Nathan Bacon. He conceals his identity by wearing a costume. It is an x-ray suit that can see his organs and digestive system and you can see the words on his suit. Another power he has is that he doesn’t age. He went on for thousands of years helping people get rid of the swine flu disease. He tests himself to try to create cures for other diseases such as Ebola, cancer, and other deadly diseases.

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