Blue Heaven by Katelyn and Haydee from the Super Heroes’ Super Stories Series

Blue Heaven was born in the Republic of South Africa. She was the middle child of three. Her parents and siblings died in a car accident when she was 9 and she was the only survivor. Blue Heaven was sent to an orphanage where there were kids who could speak different languages. She soon realized she could naturally understand all of them without ever taking lessons. Blue Heaven had to hide this gift from the orphanage staff to avoid them thinking she was crazy and ruin her chances adoption.
Blue Heaven decided to run away from the orphanage when she was 12 because the other kids were mean to her and she found herself picturing tragic situations in her head. This was a great, debilitating weakness that would stop her from doing homework and talking to other kids.
She soon realized that if she remained physically active it would get her out of her own head. She started going to daily gymnastics class and soon developed above average skills. She stumbled upon gymnastics after failed attempts with basketball, which she actually wished she’d be good at in memory of her dad who used to play with her and her siblings.
When Blue Heaven was 16 years old, a woman was about to be hit by a bus and Blue Heaven saved her by doing a back flip. She was also able to communicate with the lady in a different language. She decided to keep doing this work and use her powers for good.

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