Press Release!

The Palace Theatre, The Elmira Heights Theater and The Watkins Glen Theater continues their seasonal tradition of giving back with a 100% charity event…
“Spirit of the Season 2014” on Tuesday Dec 16th.
with a special, one night only, “free” screening of :

“It’s a Wonderful Life”
Starring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed in the
1947 Christmas Classic at 7:00 PM on Tuesday December 16th.

Corning, NY, December 1st 2014: The Palace Theatre located at 17 West Market Street in downtown Corning will continue its fun family tradition with the annual 100% charity event on Tuesday Dec 16th, this year as with last year, our sister locations in Elmira Heights and Watkins Glen will be participating as well!
“Here’s how it works… the “price” of admission is 4 canned goods (or nonperishable food items) per person which will be donated to our local food pantries! For your donation you will get admission to the Tuesday Dec 16th, 7pm special show of “It’s a Wonderful Life”, a free popcorn and a free drink said Palace Theatre owner, and Corning Community College professor Tim Bonomo. “This film really speaks to wonderful sense of community that we have in the small town markets that we serve, and reminds us to appreciate our families and friends. This is great way to see a fantastic classic film, enjoy some concessions and, most importantly, help the food pantries continue their very important work, at this very special time of the year.”

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