Origin Stories…The Autism Warrior by Meaghan and Shannon

One day, Meaghan was at volleyball practice with her team and she looked towards the door and saw Natalie. Natalie is in the same grade as Meaghan and Natalie always seems to target Meaghan because she is different. Meaghan has autism, and because of her autism she has a hard time communicating and expressing her feelings.

Natalie started to walk into the gym and Meaghan started to feel very uneasy. Natalie approached Meaghan and started to call her names causing Meg to cry. Meaghan was trying to think what she needed to do. And all of a sudden, a cloud of glitter and smoke appeared on the gym floor. As the smoke cleared, Meaghan knew exactly who it was-The Autism Warrior. Meaghan was so happy to see her! The Autism Warrior could only be seen by Meaghan as she is invisible to the non-autistic population. Meaghan began to tell Shannon that Natalie was calling her names and she had been crying. Meaghan asked the mighty warrior for some guidance. Shannon assured her things to were going to be just fine.

Shannon walked over to Natalie and started tickling her-she thought the only way to help this situation was to make both the girls laugh and be happy. Once they were happy, Shannon could talk to the girls and the principal. Natalie was so confused what was happening around her. Soon, Meaghan started to run in place and Shannon appeared (this is the super power action that brings her to life so Natalie could see her too). Natalie was amazed as this lady stood in front of her all dressed in blue with the letter “A” on her. She really liked her appearance.

Shannon, The Autism Warrior, started to explain to Meaghan and Natalie the power of friendship and that is not okay or right to bully any person whether they have a disability or not. Shannon asked Natalie if she liked when others called her names and said mean things to her, and she replied no. Shannon gathered Meaghan and Natalie together and sprinkled them with magic glitter. With this magic glitter, Meaghan and Natalie were able to form a lasting friendship with one another and help others and themselves when presented with difficult situations due to bullying.

Shannon gave the girls a huge hug, even though she knows and understands that Meaghan does not like hugs. Natalie and Meaghan were able to become friends and also became Autism Warriors. Natalie understands that it is not okay to pick on people as it hurts their feelings and she herself does not like it when people pick on her. The girls started a club for all children that were being bullied to come and talk about their problems.

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